54th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany 2011

Talent Dove for Extraordinary Documentary Talent

for Life In Stills

Life in Stills won the International Young Dcomentary Talent Copmpetition.

Life in Stills won the Talent Dove of the Media Foundation of the Sparkassw Leipzig for an Extraordinary Documentary Film Talent, going to Tamar Tal, the director.

This is the seconf major proze of "Life in Stills". 

The jury statement: 

"This is an intimate film that celebrates the individual in all his richness and complexity. Director Tamal manages to share the most beautiful moments of bonding between grandmother Miriam and her grandson Ben Weissenstein with the audience. The film also shows that a positive approach to life, understanding, forgivess, empathy and a sense of humor are things that keep us alive and let us overcome even the most tragic moments."

Read the official announcement here.

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