XVI International TV Festival Bar, Montenegro 2011

Grand Prix – Best Film

for Life In Stills

Life in Stills won the Grand Prix - Best Film in Festival

This is the third major prize of "Life in Stills".

Jury's statement:

A brilliant documentary film about a small photo gallery owner Miriam and her grandson who join forces to save the shop and its nearly one million negatives from developers who are building a shopping mall in its location. The film follows this heart-wrenching journey filled with humourous and touching moments. At its core, is this 96 year old character who is truly unique, full of spirit and provides the soul of the film. This intimate story not only tells the story of one family but reveals an important part of the history of Israel.

The Jury Consisted of:

Jessica Daniel / Canada • Jovanka Kovacevic Djuranovic / Montenegro • Robert Tomljenovic / Croatia • Ana Maria Rossi / Serbia • Ton Van Zantvoort / The Netherlands

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