Press review for Lone Samaritan

The Lone Samaritan

 by Tim Pylypiuk

"A solitary man crosses the body of earth in a delicate swagger, privy to how it's interconnected structures work. Senses highly attuned and attracted to strife that threatens the well being of average citizens. Wandering into the fire, the outsider is stoic and unassuming until his weapon is unsheathed. With swift timing, he strikes down the antagonists fanning the flames with their incendiary nature. When chaos settles, the citizens thank him, revere him. But he walks on, uniting his 'self with the landscape until the next strife calls. No name, no consensus on his past, no clear cut origin, only a man and the continuing saga of his good deeds."

I'm attracted to the popular archetype of the quiet loner whom prefers to speak with actions rather than box his motivations within the limits of words. One who enters a situation unfolding before him unexpectedly and notices the imbalance. Befriending the down trodden, but keeping his own past locked away, he takes steps to correct it while teaching awareness of inner strength so they don't rely on him to fight for their good health. Just enough to awaken from their coma and rise againse the tides. You'll find it exemplified in old spaghetti westerns, the most popular starring Clint Eastwood as the man with no name. Where aiming for the heart plays right into the ambiguous gunsligner's hands. Eastern archetypes carry their own examples, most prominent being the lone swordsman on horseback riding into villages in the midst of grand feuds between the inhabitants and the upper echelons. Or outlaw bandits, depending on the story told. I think of myself as a man who can read imbalances in places most people wouldn't notice due to the difficulty in working without a translator, spreading a kind hand to their plights. Immersing myself in their situations, bits of relatable experiences relayed to me interweave with my own patterns and growth is acheived. Both parties, student and teacher, sense parity and are rewarded with an awareness of who they are as individuals so they can stand tall in the fight for balance. Wherever there is imbalance, you'll find me. It's a scent whose aroma ignites my sinuses, plays havoc on sight and sound. I listen to the overall pattern in tales of woe and shine a light into their corner of the world they couldn't afford before without unrealistic currency. Advocacy and education on issues, particularly ones in the mental health arena, are resplendant in paradigms beaten down by what is considered "Normal" or "Appropriate". Many already have their gunslingers and swordsmen who go to bat and show them their valuable souls contained inside since birth. I was part of the downtrodden until caring individuals came into my life, lent their ear to my grievances, and pushed me hard to grasp my inner potential. Now I'm walking, going places that need me, combating imbalances with an air of neutrality in my observations to inspire those to aspire and instil inner strength so they can sense the rhythm, step in time and make the world a place to exist on an even keel. Not necessarily a perfect place for lofty goals such as that are impractical compared to the now of learning how we all function as human beings.

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