ליידי כל אל ערב
A film by Ibtisam Mra'ana
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Heymann Brothers Films
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Heymann Brothers Films has been operating for over a decade and specializes in long term documentary projects with a social and political orientation, as well as very personal ones. The company was founded by Tomer Heymann, one of the leading documentary directors in Israel.Tomer & Barak In
2001 he created “It Kinda Scares Me” which won the Academy Award in Israel, and other awards in Torino, Milan, New York, Taipei and Melbourne.

In 2003 his film "Aviv - Fucked Up Generation" came out commercially and brought a vast amount of viewers to the cinemas, as it correspondingly participated in many festivals worldwide.

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Barak Heymann joined the "Heymann Brothers Films" company in 2003 and has since directed and produced several documentary films and series. “Heymann Brothers Films” is an independent Israeli company dedicated to the release of documentaries on the social aspect of the Israeli/Jewish culture.

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Tomer Heymann was born in Kfar Yedidia in Israel in 1970 and has directed many documentary films and series in the past ten years, most of them long-term follow-ups and personal documentations. His films won major awards at different prestigious film festivals including his first film “It Kinda Scares Me”. “Paper Dolls” won three awards at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival and the audience’s award at the Los Angeles Festival. The film and TV series "Bridge over the Wadi”, co-produced with the American ITVS, won the Israeli Documentary Film competition, participated in IDFA Festival's prestigious competition and won many awards around the world. Tomer's new 8-part series "The Way Home" was recently broadcasted by the Yes Doco Channel in Israel and won the best documentary series award at the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival. 


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במהלך ההכנות לטקס מתפתח קשר מיוחד בין דועאא ובין מעצב האופנה ג'ק יעקוב, ויחד הם נוסעים לתל אביב על מנת להירשם במקביל גם לתחרות מלכת היופי של ישראל. דועאא עוברת בקלות את המיונים הראשונים לתחרות הישראלית, משנה את שמה לאנג'לינה, ומרגישה קרובה יותר מאי פעם להגשמת החלום הגדול של חייה: להיות מלכת היופי של ישראל ובכך לפרוץ החוצה ולהתחיל בקריירת דוגמנות בינלאומית. אלא שמהר מאד הכול משתבש ומה שהיה חלום של נערה מתבגרת הופך לסיוט של עדה שלמה. אנג'לינה, הדרוזית הראשונה שעשתה צעדים משמעותיים בעולם האופנה הישראלי, מוצאת את עצמה בליבו של קונפליקט מסובך שבו מתנגשים זה בזה המסורת והערכים של החברה אליה היא שייכת אל מול ניסיונה האמיץ לבחור בעצמה את מסלול חייה. ליידי כל אל ערב, אשר התחיל את דרכו כסרט נוצץ על תחרות מלכת היופי של המגזר הערבי, הפך לסיפור משפחתי טעון ונוגע ללב. זהו סרטה החמישי של אבתיסאם מראענה, אשר מצליחה ביד רגישה לשרטט דיוקן אנושי, מרגש ודרמטי של בחורה צעירה אשר מוצאת את עצמה בליבו של מאבק שסוחף אחריו מדינה שלמה.

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Living between Two Cultures
Israeli film & filmmakers - updates and analysis



Lady Kul el-Arab, directed by Ibtisam Salh Mara'ana is the story of one young woman's pursuit of her dreams. Duah Fares is a Druze high school girl, from the town of Ramma in the Galilee. Her dream is to win the "Lady of the Arabs" local beauty pageant. She is a beautiful teenager with a lot of charm and her parents support her in her dream. After receiving training in modeling, make-up, style, she successfully reaches the stage of being a finalist in the Lady Kul el-Arab contest. But then Duah expands her horizons, changes her name to Angolina and decides that she wants to enter the Israeli beauty contest, which is a larger, national pageant, and would give her greater opportunities and exposure if she were to win. There are some difficulties, however. The Israeli pageant would force her to wear revealing clothes and to appear in public wearing a bathing suit. In addition, she is told that she must choose between the two pageants. As a result of the publicity, the family receives death threats and the religious leaders of the Druze community condemn her participation in such an event. Duah says, "They can't deny me my dream." View an on-line interview by Rosie Walunas with the filmmaker, Ibtisam Ma'arana, who grew up in a traditional family in Faradeis (an Israeli Arab town on the coast, south of Haifa). Ibtisam Ma'arana is committed "to show the reality, if it's good reality or worse reality. To make films for me is to show my society, a kind of mirror, so that we can look on ourselves and to try maybe to make a change." Another film by the same filmmaker is Three Times Divorced, about a Bedouin woman named Khitam who is fighting for custody of her children.

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Lady Kul el-Arab

Achieving a dream shared by many teenagers the world over could cost a lot for Duah Fares. Lady Kul el-Arab by Ibtisam Mara’ana follows the outraged reaction within the Arab–Israeli community when this young girl from a small village in the Galilee region decides to compete in the Miss Israel contest.

The Druze culture which Duah belongs to is part of the Islamic movement, but is also influenced by Greek philosophies and Gnosticism. However, this relative liberalism does not go so far as to allow one of its followers to dress in a bathing suit on a live TV show. What for most western girls is just a garment is profanity for Duah’s religion.

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תסריט ובימוי :  איבתיסאם סאלח מראענה
הפקה :  ברק הימן, תמנע גולדשטיין-חטב
צילום :  איבתיסאם סאלח מראענה, איתי רזיאל, רמי קצב
עריכה :  ארז לאופר, מירי לאופר
פסקול מקורי:  אבי בללי

הסרט הופק בשיתוף עם ערוץ 8 וקרן מקור