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2007  |  ישראל  |  62 min.  |  עברית  |  Original Title: Stalags - Holocaust and Pornography in Israel סטאלגים


Heymann Brothers Films
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Heymann Brothers Films has been operating for over a decade and specializes in long term documentary projects with a social and political orientation, as well as very personal ones. The company was founded by Tomer Heymann, one of the leading documentary directors in Israel.Tomer & Barak In
2001 he created “It Kinda Scares Me” which won the Academy Award in Israel, and other awards in Torino, Milan, New York, Taipei and Melbourne.

In 2003 his film "Aviv - Fucked Up Generation" came out commercially and brought a vast amount of viewers to the cinemas, as it correspondingly participated in many festivals worldwide.

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Barak Heymann joined the "Heymann Brothers Films" company in 2003 and has since directed and produced several documentary films and series. “Heymann Brothers Films” is an independent Israeli company dedicated to the release of documentaries on the social aspect of the Israeli/Jewish culture.

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Tomer Heymann was born in Kfar Yedidia in Israel in 1970 and has directed many documentary films and series in the past ten years, most of them long-term follow-ups and personal documentations. His films won major awards at different prestigious film festivals including his first film “It Kinda Scares Me”. “Paper Dolls” won three awards at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival and the audience’s award at the Los Angeles Festival. The film and TV series "Bridge over the Wadi”, co-produced with the American ITVS, won the Israeli Documentary Film competition, participated in IDFA Festival's prestigious competition and won many awards around the world. Tomer's new 8-part series "The Way Home" was recently broadcasted by the Yes Doco Channel in Israel and won the best documentary series award at the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival. 


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מעמדם של הסטאלגים התערער רק לאחר משפט מתוקשר שהאשים את כותביו בהפצת פורנוגרפיה אנטישמית. הסרט חוקר את התופעה, חושף לראשונה את מייסדי הז'אנר, ומציע את הטענה שהשילוב בין פורנוגרפיה לשואה נמצא גם בספרות שואה קנונית ובאזורים נרחבים של ייצוגי השואה בישראל עד ימינו אלה.

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New York Times
Israel’s Unexpected Spinoff From a Holocaust Trial

Pocket books called Stalags were practically the only pornography available in the conservative Israeli society of the early 1960s. Though it was claimed that the Stalags were translated from English, they were actually created and written by Israelis.


JERUSALEM, Sept. 5 — It was one of Israel’s dirty little secrets. In the early 1960s, as Israelis were being exposed for the first time to the shocking testimonies of Holocaust survivors at the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a series of pornographic pocket books called Stalags, based on Nazi themes, became best sellers throughout the land.

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Stalags (Film)

Stalags (also known as Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel[1]) is a 2007 documentary film produced by Barak Heymann and directed by Ari Libsker. The film examines the history of Stalags, pornography books that featured sexy female Nazi officers sexually abusing camp prisoners. The pocket books broke sales records and sold hundreds of thousands of copies in Israel in the 1960s during the trial of Adolf Eichmann. After the authors of the books were accused of distributing anti-Semitic pornography, the popularity of the books declined. The documentary opened in limited release on April 9, 2008.

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Aviva- Online Magazine
Pornografie und Holocaust. Ein Film von Ari Libsker

Claire Horst

Nicht nur das Land der TäterInnen tut sich schwer mit der Aufarbeitung des Holocaust. Auch in Israel, wo Anfang der fünfziger Jahre die Hälfte der EinwohnerInnen Überlebende waren, gab es zunächst... ... kaum eine öffentliche Auseinandersetzung mit der Shoa.

Zu schmerzhaft war die Erinnerung. Dieser Verdrängungsmechanismus führte so weit, dass Überlebende sich nach ihrer eigenen moralischen Integrität fragen lassen mussten - was hatten sie getan, um ihre Haut zu retten? Das geht aus den Interviews hervor, die der israelische Filmemacher Ari Libsker für seine Dokumentation geführt hat.

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Zitty Berlin
Pornografie & Holocaust


Dokumentarfilm von Ari Libsker über in Israel tabusierte pornografische Groschenromane.

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Heise Online
Männerphantasien im Konzentrationslager

Rüdiger Suchsland

Israels schmutzige kleine Geheimnisse und die Sittengeschichte der Vernichtungsindustrie - "Pornografie & Holocaust"

Grauen, Sex und Popkultur: In "Eis am Stiel" masturbiert ein jugendlicher Held mit einem "Stalag"-KZ-Comic in der Badewanne. Die Dokumentation "Pornografie & Holocaust" greift solche Motive auf, erzählt den Hintergrund der "Stalag"-Pulp-Geschichten und handelt damit von Lust und Begierde im Schatten der Shoah. So rührt der Film damit an gleich mehrere Tabus. Nazi-Exploitation aus Israel - aus diesem Land hatte man mit so einem Dokumentarfilm wohl am wenigsten gerechnet. Ari Libskers Dokumentarfilm folgt den Spuren der Sexualisierung eines Traumas in der israelischen Shoah-Kultur und dringt so ein ins Minenfeld der israelischen Geschichtspolitik

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תסריט ובימוי :  ארי ליבסקר
הפקה :  ברק הימן
עריכה :  מוריס בן מיור
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